What is Web Site Security Really?

Website security is the ongoing process of identifying programming bugs and loopholes that a hacker or malware could exploit to gain access to your internal files, servers, or systems. Something as simple as a ‘contact us’ form can be an entry point for malicious code.

What are the Factors to Web Site Security?

There are many factors to having a secure website, including what your site is about? Is is potentially controversial and therefore a target for hostile attacks? how much traffic do you generate? Are the numbers enough to be noticed, or would a illegal exploit slip under the radar. Do you process credit cards? Generate lists of contacts? How tight are the permissions? How old is the coding? Maintenance? The list of security factors goes on indefinitely as new threats are constantly being created while the old threats are patched. While this is frustrating, this world is full of risk, and the only true ‘risk free’ computer is one that is turned off.

Often the customer interaction that is so valued on top websites, is the entry point for a security breach. But this does not mean that the interactions need to be stripped away, or the servers turned off. A balance must be found between allowing access to the target audience of your site, and unwanted malicious visitors and bots.

       You have some options to mitigate these risks. The 100%, 0 risk answer of, shut down the site, is obviously unacceptable. There are a host of web scanning programs out there, and some of these have great value. One of the reasons these are so valuable is that they can be set up to scan and update their threat list regularly.

       Another option is to require that your website developers are up to date with their security knowledge, coding, patching, etc. This adds additional steps to the web developement process, but they are steps that are well worth it. If your internal IT department or your web programmers are unable to perform these services, contact us at Chiros, we’ll be glad to give you a consultation and help you get on your way with Website Security.

       If you are still uncertain about the security of your website, even with scanning and programming efforts, Chiros Technology offers Website Security Auditing services. This is a process where we examine your website in the same way a hacker would and purposefully look for problems and holes. We would then report our findings for you and assist you in fixing any problems as needed.

Digital Penetration Test

If you have any questions about this process, or Website Security in general, don’t hesitate to contact us.