A multifaceted security strategy should include. 

- Up to date digital precautions

- Proven access control measures

- Well trained emplyees, from the CEO to the newst hire

- Regular security testing - as threats evolve, so should your security gameplan

- Implementation of strategies to minimize weaknesses discovered during testing


Often Penetration Tests are thought to be a stand alone, one time thing. While this is an option, repeat testing over time is ideal. This is because the security attacks from five years ago are very, very different from the attacks today. Our goal is to meet you, where you are, and provide what you need as we work with your budget and your goals.

An integral component to a good security plan is actually being able to understand the report you’ll receive after your Penetration Test.


The second half of that is being able to implement our suggestions. A Penetration Test is useless if you, the client, is unable to improve anything because the report was overly technical, or 300 pages that no one wants to read. We will walk with you, step by step. From ascertaining scope and goals, to the test itself, to employee seminars, to designing a long term security framework. It’s a big picture mindset, even if you just want to find out if your security guard sleeps on the job. Give us a call and let us know what your questions are. Helping people is what we do.