Locks: What are good locks? Which are easy to pick or bypass? Security Cameras/motion detectors: Who was responsible for placement? Who monitors them? Are there dead areas? Can they be exploited?

Alternate entries: Why pick a lock when the thief can climb through a window? Destructive entry: Why climb through a window when the thief can break the lock?

Best practices: Even your trash is valuable. The co-worker next to you may have just thrown away a post-it note that had his password on it with access to the entire internal network.

Environmental Security: The layout of desks and the temperature in your offices affect your employees. Obviously, no one wants to work in a cave that’s 107º. But certain environmental factors will make the wrong people think you’re an easy target.

Many businesses employ outside security services from excellent companies. Yet the need exists for examining of established systems.

Digital Penetration TestThere is always room for growth. Our desire is to empower your current security team to do their job successfully. By performing what is essentially a security audit, a Penetration Test can help your company see areas of weakness. Then together, we will help you move to a place of strength.

Your company might be in a high-rise office building or a retail store on the corner. Scope is important. Understanding your individual needs is vital to a thorough overhaul or specific targeting of security goals. We embrace the ideal of creating security solutions unique to your company.

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