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There's lots going on in the world of computer security, but what else is new! Things are moving and shaking in the big, wide world out there, and it's a full-time job keeping track of it all! 

, China may or may not have launched a cyber campaign against the New York Times, and you're more likely to catch malware from Amazon.com than from a gambling site.

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday!

, A young university student is expelled for reporting a major vulnerability in his school's computer security.

Hey everyone! I hope your Thursdays are going well so far. Time for your twice-weekly roundup!

, The Department of Juvenile Justice in Florida has lost a phone containing up to 100,000 accounts of employees and youth, while computer law comes under criticism for being outdated and irrelevantly harsh.

Happy Tuesday, Chiros readers! Here's what's going on in computer security news today!

, A summary of the computer security news that's happened today, both in the US and abroad.

, A peek into Rick and Rhoadey's conversations on the future, and a vindication that our speculation has weight to it. Los Alamos National Laboratories has replaced some Chinese-made parts with American ones for "national security" reasons.

Looking at that title, you might think I'd be writing about some kind of hi-tech thievery of Apple, Inc. Perhaps even a breach of their cyber security, a break-in at headquarters. But, alas, while good guesses, the truth is much more physical.

, Thieves in France manage to rob an Apple store of one million dollars of hardware on New Year's Eve. Parisian police are still working on the case. That, or Apple is working on an app called "24-hour Armed Guards."

Hi everyone! Happy New Year's Eve!

Time for the 2012 recap (and some predictions for 2013). It's been a long year for pentesting and computer security, from South Carolina and Kansas facing damning audits of their security as a result of heinous breaches, to the beginning of cyber war with China and Iran. We're still unsure where it's all going, but we have the ability to maybe project a little into the future of our country's information security. 

, A year end recap of the major issues of 2012, and a tip for business owners who want to do better for their defenses in 2013!

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, Penetration testing is a crucial part of building your business's security. There's only one way to know if your security is effective, and that's through a pentest.
Samsung Smartphone vulnerability could damage the security reputation of the corporate giant.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you the continuing saga of states' inability to install effective computer security systems. South Carolina is facing some Internet scrutiny after our previously mentioned screwup of their information security, resulting in over 3 million bank accounts' information stolen (by a Russian hacker, apparently).

, South Carolina needs to serve as an example to other states about the need for better computer security. This is especially true for Kansas, and their audit of their security systems has found them to be completely inadequate.