Looking at that title, you might think I'd be writing about some kind of hi-tech thievery of Apple, Inc. Perhaps even a breach of their cyber security, a break-in at headquarters. But, alas, while good guesses, the truth is much more physical. On New Year's Eve, a group of masked robbers broke into an Apple store in Paris, right in the middle of the Opera District (a pretty popular area for shopping). These thieves then took forty minutes to rob the store, loading over $1 million (!) US dollars-worth of Apple hardware into the getaway vehicle. 

What makes this robbery particularly brazen is the fact that they chose New Years Eve as the night of attack. The Parisian police were out in force that night more than any other to keep the peace, but they were (luckily for the robbers...or was it deliberate?) all centered on the tourist-heavy centers of celebration. Still, quite a risk to plan a robbery on the one night that several hundreds of people are guaranteed to be out and about until 2 am. We've either witnessed the most foolish, idiotic, but lucky robbery ever committed, or these thieves are a real-life version of Danny Ocean and his team. Although I seem to remember that Ocean insisted that they remain unarmed in the movies, and these guys were at least a little armed. 

Anyway, Apple shouldn't feel too terrible. I'm sure these guys are gonna be caught, as it's pretty rare for thieves to quit while they're ahead. What I'm concerned about is the apparent superiority of European thieves over American ones. Earlier this year, Apple had a robbery occur in one of its US stores, but it went...less well. In Europe, the thieves can rob a store on the night of a holiday and get away with a million dollars. In America, the thieves can get away with two flat tires, rob a 7-11 for some fix-a-flat, then return to the scene of the crime an hour later because they realized they dropped their license plate on the way out.

American businessmen, I'm not sure if you should be disappointed or encouraged.

Have a good Thursday, everyone!